Your dedicated personal trainer

Pati Medina

Paddle Across the Bay has teamed up with trainer Pati Medina of Alma Live to help you prepare for your Stand Up Paddle Challenge.

Your training program  

You will receive a FREE 12-week training plan designed specifically to help you get ready for the 10km Paddle Across the Bay Challenge.

If you sign up to Paddle Across the Bay a little later, you'll receive a six-week training plan.

Pati will also be in touch with:

  • Tips and guidance in the lead up to the event on how to improve your fitness, balance and paddling technique
  • Information on paddle preparation and recovery management
  • Useful stretching exercises
  • Tips for injury prevention
  • Plus – she’ll conduct the warmup exercise on the day!

Meet your trainer, Pati

My name is Patricia Medina and I’m a passionate Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. In my spare time, I stand up paddle board and kite surf – it’s all part of my healthy lifestyle that I’ve developed over the years.

I believe that by being physically active people can reduce their risk of cancer and other diseases. This is why I love motivating people to achieve long-term fitness and nutrition goals that will keep them healthy and active and provide them with a quality life for many years.

With my experience in fitness and nutrition, I’m keen to inspire and guide you as you take on the Paddle Across the Bay challenge.

By continuously working out and following your training plan, you’ll blow it out of the water – and I’ll be here every step of the way.

We’re in this together. I know you can do it!

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