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fears and sea legs

I know that to many people, the challenge of the 10Km paddle seems a daughting task, based on distance. But in reality a bit of training, focusing on good ballance, good overall strength and endurance will see you through. A few blisters and some tired muscles perhaps, but you'll make it!

Remembering this event is not a race. Its a team effort to complete the paddle, as we all work together. We push each other along, and that comradery helps get everyone to the finish line.

The real challenge is often the fear associated with the idea of being out in deep water, floating over who knows what or what lurks beneath. A general fear of the unknown perhaps. As illogical as it may seem to some, it can stop others in their tracks!

I remember as a kid being pretified of deep dark water. I had no issue with the 3m diving pool at my local public pool. As I grew up I came to understand it was because I had no idea what was down there. It was dark after all! Later in life, I faced that fear as I completed my advanced open water diving qualifications and have enjoyed many years of exploring the sea above and below. Now I am very much at home in the environment. 

Now, the challenge for those who still carry that fear of the unknown, for them the challenge is very very real. The distance of the paddle is literally only a very small part of the challenge (with all due respect to everyone it's still not a walk in the park).

As pictured, we are about 500m off shore, Claire is very uncomfortable, holding her cool but admitedly very nervous of where she is. I was yelled at a few times to "stay close!!" Her eager return to shore, was greeted by wobbly legs when she finally stood on solid ground 25 mins later. I have absolute respect for her facing that very real fear, and so proud that she (along with our daughter Talia) has commited to do this paddle with me!

In reality though, that fear, as absolutely real as it is, is nothing. It does not even come close, when compared to that fear of the future unknown each and every person must feel when they hear those words... "You have cancer!"

We do this for them!

Moving forward in 2019

As 2018 comes to an end, and I reflect back to what a tough year it was. The worst part by far was losing Pete, my Father in Law to this desease, after fighting for so many years!

I did the first paddle across the bay event in support of him, while he battled this dreaded illness. I've done every paddle since in support of him and in support of family and friends, who have also suffered as a result of Cancer!

As I look forward to 2019, I'm committing to this paddle, with Claire and Talia intow in remembrance of Pete (aka Dad, aka Paw-Paw). But certainly not forgetting other family members and friends who have lost the fight.

Going into 2019 we want to stand together for friends and family who are now fighting. Cancer is merciless in it's attack, but we can't give up, we continue to fight. With each passing day a new treatment or cure is discovered and more and more win the battle.

This is our contribution to that fight!

Pete's Paddlers, paddling in honor of Pete and to support Cancer Council Victoria

Every year, over 31,600 Victorians hear the words ‘you have cancer’. Their lives will change in an instant, as will those of the people around them.

I'm helping Cancer Council Victoria to change this by joining Australia's largest stand up paddle event. 

By supporting us, you’ll be funding ground-breaking cancer research, prevention programs and support services that offer a helping hand to all people affected by cancer.

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All the best Tim for this cause.


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You are inspirational again on the Paddleboard Tim. Well done a great cause!


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Great stuff Tim.


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Go bro.



Always be selling! Love, your J6 sister



A very worthy cause and a very commendable effort, Tim.


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A cause very close to my heart Tim. Thanks for doing this! Go well.


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Hi Tim, I really appreciate your ongoing commitment. Happy to support, and keep on paddling!


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Go Tim..Paddle on :)


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Great Job!!!


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Awesome effort !


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You are an inspiration Tim. Keep it up! - Swap.


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Great cause Tim!


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Well done Tim! Go Pete’s Paddlers xx


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Good luck Tim! Well done for a great cause 😀


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You always doing this is inspiring mate. Good on ya!


Tim Brown