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I'm paddling to support Cancer Council Victoria

Time is come for my beloved brother in law Andrew Arcuri and myself for suffering a little bit on pain with the goal of raising a some dollars for cancer research.
Our extended Families have been affected by this modern plague heavily in the past few years .We have become very sensitive and trying to be proactive towards future families who will be affected by this sudden diagnosis, because the cure of cancer is a team effort.

Please donate for cancer research, you never know who cancer could affect.

Later in the year (30th of June) we (Andrew and me), and whoever wants to join the team ( will also being performing at the Stadium Stomp , that is much more painful compared to paddle boarding .
Please donate for more personal cause.


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Good luck Enrico from all of the Vitellone family here at Pronto Travel as well as Nina & Michele from Florence.


Nell Arcuri

Good luck!


Kathy Power

Good Onya! Enrico & Andrew 😍


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Alberto Massignan


Enrico Vicariotto